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You Make RQ SUCK

Leave PLZ.

You Make RQ suck
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All Members
This community will work similarly to u_make_lj_suck, with one exception. All of the suckage has to come from rq_version3 (or any subsequent version).

Please make posts friends-only.

As of October 25, 2004, membership must be approved. So if you make RQ suck, you're not going to be able to join. Sorry. You should suck less.

Do NOT reproduce an entire rq post or a large portion thereof. Only use a couple of lines, as this is considered "fair use". Breaching copyright and can result in suspension of the community, as well as you, the person who is breaching copyright.

No photos of LJ users without their prior consent. Put big photos behind an LJ cut please.

Linking to rq or rq_drama posts are permitted, but if you are going to link to a post, please include a brief description of why the post sucks.

No personal attacks please. (this includes against age, race, gender, ect.)

Maintainers are:

If you piss us off, maybe we'll ban you. Maybe not. We haven't decided. But we WILL do so if you start making RQ suck. It's only fair.
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